on missing my babies

i miss your laughter,
never this bad in my life,
i want to play with your little fingers,
feel and smell your body in the morning,
i’ve been thinking of brushing your teeth, comb your hair, and help you flush the toilet,
i feel like making your breakfast and preparing your lunch box,
i miss listening to your stories, watching you play, and sit next to you while you’re doing your  home work,
i want to prepare yout bottles and laying together in our favourite bed room,

i miss you so much children,
only GOD knows how much…

you guys are every where,
but you are no where,
and again, my evening falls so hard.

rs mitra keluarga bekasi barat, 22 july 2009.


6 thoughts on “on missing my babies

    • betul buk….
      di rs, walaupun suasanya tenang, tiap malem aku harus minum obat tidur biar bisa istirahat. di rumah, walaupun berantakan dan berisik, begitu kepala nempel di bantal, langsung deh… ilang… hehehehe 😀

  1. yg penting dah ngumpul lagi yah…
    kebayang kangennya!
    aku pernah merasakan yg lebih lagi… 4 bulan berpisah dari crystal (krn pulang indo buat melahirkan angie) duh..tiap hari nangis bombay deh.

    ———–> wah, 4 bulan ya? jauh lebih lama dari aku dong ya? hehehe…, aku baru 4-5 hari aja udah ga tahan… 😛

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