Airasia QZ 8501

When we heard the news about the missing airplane 4 days ago, we were very sad. We flew with them a lot. Airasia had been flying us here and there for years. So we started praying for that missing airplane since.


We have our own story regarding the missing plane.
My boys had this Airasia replica they got from our trip to Penang last October. And it had been missing for days. They looked for it everywhere in the house and could not find it.

So, the other night Bapak said to the boys that they had to look for it harder. If they could find it, than Airasia QZ 8501 would also be found. The condition of the replica when it was founded  will indicate the condition of the airplane….

After hours of searching, the boys finally found the replica. It was in a corner of their bedroom, got stuck with other toys. Few parts were missing, and it was fallen apart 😦

“You guys found the airplane. I’m sure they will also find The Airbus A320-200, soon” 


Yesterday, Indonesian officials have confirmed that Airasia QZ 8501 that disappeared last Sunday carrying 165 people from Surabaya to Singapore, was found in the waters off Borneo. They were only remains and debris from the plane…

And we are in deep condolence…

May the Lord helps the people who were and are affected by the plane crash. Be with the families of the victims. May HE wraps His loving tender arms around them.


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