prei. taman safari

1st week end, we went to taman safari on saturday. arrived there at around 3 pm. and couldn’t make the children leave there before 10 pm. kind of enjoying the night safari 😀

we had that “late lunch-early dinner” meal at the rain forest restaurant. the food were a little disappointing. benaia ended up just eating his pop corn.

anyway, the trip to safari was great and we all had so much fun.






and as usual, trying to get 3 children in one frame had always been another kind of fun!


6 thoughts on “prei. taman safari

    • pas ke sana kemarin belum musim libur masal. jadi belum terlalu penuh. cuman kalau liat di tv dan denger di radio elshinta minggu lalu, sekarang jalur puncaknya aja kalau wiken udah macet ga keruan…
      untung udah duluan ke sana. heheheh 😛

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