bianca. benaia. benezra.

i have so many prayers for my babies,
one of them is,
when they grow older and somebody ask them:
“how was your childhood”,
my children would answer:
it was beautiful…

i love you so much children,
can never imagine how my life would be without you three…

may The Lord bless each of your life,
all the way,
all the way.

duren sawit. 02.51 am.


6 thoughts on “bianca. benaia. benezra.

  1. keren bu…and Bianca once would say.. “if only i can be like one woman it would be like my mum..” *langsung mrebes mili*

    kangen jeung..ngobrol2…

    • kayaknya aku ga bakalan mbrebes mili kalau denger bianca bilang begitu jeng…
      lebih mungkin nangis banter2….

      suwun ya jeng…
      kapan2 ngeteh bareng yuukkk…
      sambil makan tahu isi dan klappertaart…

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