an express update

where have i been?
well, around… here and there…

doing what?
weeelll…, a lot. this and that…

didn’t i feel like updating my blog?
oh, of course. only every time i think about it, something else (that seemed to be more important than blogging) kept coming up. just like a hopping rabbit!

so, here i am.  alone in a very fine morning. the kids are still in bed. and there’s plenty left over for breakfast. still got at least another hour before they start making me busy. that should be enough. at least for one express update.

so, what’s been going on? let me see…

my husband and i decided to finally take our belated honeymoon trip last march. we spent a couple of weeks exploring dubai, egypt, israel, palestine  and jordan. it was a very memorable journey. i would love to share the story with you all, later…

last june, we finally decided to get our roof fixed. and you know what, having our home renovated is quite exhausting. lots of browsing, shopping, supervising, and paying! sigh…

bianca, benaia and benezra are still taking their music classes. they  attended  their 2nd student concert at yamaha music school last may. bianca was playing duet piano with her friend, vanda. while benaia was performing his electone with his classmates. and benezra was also on stage, playing and singing ‘hot cross bun’. and i was a very happy mommy.

bianca is now at the 5th grade. and she finally decided to continue her swimming lesson last july. now she swims a lot better and faster than her bapak. and after a long negotation, she agreed to had her long hair cut.

benaia is lo longer a kindergarten student now. he enjoys his new year as a first grader so much. besides kumon and yamaha jmc class, benaia also takes a chess class, aikido and swimming too. he’s been a very busy young man these days…

our youngest, benezra is now in K1 class. i still have to walk him to the school gate and take some time to wave and say good bye and never forgetting our hugs and kisses ritual before class. he still has a very good appetite and  loves to watch cartoon network.

our huge puppy, fillo is celebrating his first birthday next month. and he already weigh over 30 kilos now!

last school holiday was also so much fun. we spent almost a whole week in cikole and maribaya, lembang. hopefully i can share our story later. and not very long from now. maybe after i finish our holiday story in hongkong and israel.

anyway, i just realized that i also have one more thing to do before the kids wake up. so i’d better get going now…

see ya….  😉


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