Belitong. The breathtaking island beyond the rainbow.


So happy we finally made it to Belitong ❤ ❤ ❤

The east coast of Sumatera, in the Java Sea.

End of June 2015.
If being amazed by the beaches is one of the purpose of going there, than the best time to visit Belitong is during Dry season (April – October). During the rainy season (November – March) there is less wind, but it does rain most afternoons.

We flew Garuda Indonesia, from Soekarno Hatta International Airport Jakarta to Hanandjoeddin Airport in Tanjung Pandan. Approx. 45 minutes flight.

Sriwijaya Airline, Citilink and Wings Air also fly there a couple times a day.

BW Suites in Tanjung Pandan (formerly Aston Belitung).

BelitungIsland. The oldest dan biggest Tour Agent in Belitung. Highly recommended.

Definitely enjoying the incredibly gorgeous beaches!
Day #1: Pantai Tanjung Tinggi, Bukit Berahu.
Day #2: Belitung Timur: Replika SD Muhamadiyah Laskar Pelangi, Museum Kata Andre Hirata, Pantai Serdang, Manggar Kota 1001 Warung Kopi, Pantai Burung Mandi
Day #3: Pantai Tanjung Kelayang, Island Hopping: Pulau Pasir, Pulau Burung, Pulau Batu Belayar, Pulau Lengkuas, Snorkling
Everyday: delicious and fresh sea food ❤

Food & Beverage
Gangan (fish soup)
Mie Belitong
Soto Belitong
Sambal nanas
Mpek mpek
Es jeruk chunk
Kopi Manggar

SO, what not to love about Belitong?
We fell in love with the island and will definitely come back!



Pantai Tanjung Tinggi

Pantai Tanjung Tinggi. This beach got famous after a local movie called Laskar Pelangi. Perfect for swimming or just laying at the beach and relaxing. No wave so that it’s save even for kids. There are hundreds of granite boulders spreading in the beach and sea. The size of the granites starting from a meter cubic until several hundred meter cubic or bigger than a house. We can climb, walk and jump among the granites to see exclusive view from every angle!


Sunset di Bukit Berahu

Pantai Bukit Berahu. The beach itself is beautiful with white powder sand. To reach the beach we must descend 97 steps stair. And another 97 steps to go up 🙂 Beside of the breathtaking sunset panorama, this place is also famous with their delicious fried banana.


Replika SD Muhammadiyah Gantong

The replica of SD Muhammadiyah Gantong. A film set for Laskar Pelangi, the movie, which introduced Belitung to the world.


Pantai Serdang

Pantai Serdang, Manggar. It is one of beautiful beach in Manggar town, the capital of Belitung Timur. This beach faces East cost of Belitung fronting wide South China sea. This causes the waves are slightly bigger than other beaches in Belitung that is well know by its calm waves. Serdang beach is close to the center of Manggar town, which is famous as 1001 Coffee Shops town.



Vihara Kwan Im San, Desa Burung Mandi, Manggar.


Pulau Pasir Putih

Pulau Pasir. It is actually not an island. This place is a pile of hirst that only consist of sands. The interesting matter of this island is the hirst will only appear during low tide. During high tide this island will be hidden under the sea. This island is very small, moreless half size of football field. Truly one of the highlights of island hopping in Belitung. Star fishes are spread surrounding Pasir island.


Pulau Burung

Pulau Burung. The beach along the coast of the island are soft and white. We can do snorkeling in this beach. We had our lunch picnic in this beach 🙂


Pantai Tanjung Kelayang

Pantai Tanjung Kelayang. It is one of the most beautiful beach ini Belitung, this is the center of crowd as center of yearly Sail Indonesia event where hundreds of yacht from all over the world stop over. This is also the port used for famous island hopping tour of Belitung.


Image 5

Pulau Batu Belayar. This small island which about the same size of tennis court, is one of the unique attraction of island hopping tour. In Batu Berlayar, the white sand will only appear during low tide, it means the boat can only stop at the island during low tide as well. The sea surrounding the island is beautiful and shallow, clear and there are also coral with many beautiful fishes.


Pulau Lengkuas

Pulau Lengkuas.  A small island, place in North of Tanjung Binga village. The water around this island is totally clean, you can easily see the bottom of sea as well as fishes swimming inside the water. It is a nice place for playing in the water or snorkelling. This picture was taken from the 18th floor of a light house built in the middle of the island. There are only 3 people live in Lengkuas. All of them are operators of the lighthouse. They are all warm and very welcome to every guest.


Light House

Light House. The golden crown of Pulau Lengkuas is actually old lighthouse, built by Dutch in 1882. The view from the top of the light house is just breath taking!



Snorkling at Pulau Lengkuas. This place promise us a such incredible underwater scene to explore. My kids just love this place! One small tip: do the snorkelling in the morning, where the sea is calm.


Danau Kaolin. An ex mining lake. Great view for taking photos, blueish water with small sand hills.

Danau Kaolin. An ex mining lake. Great view for taking photos, blueish water with small sand hills.


Warung Kopi

Warung Kopi, Manggar. The people of Manggar is proudly call their town as the Town of 1001 Coffee Shops. This name is proven by the presence of so many coffee shops in down town of Manggar, very dense compare to the size of the town itself. Even though Belitung is not a producer of coffee, the special mix of coffee from these shops are classy in taste and famously delicious. Having coffee is a tradition for the people of Manggar. for hundreds of years.


Museum Kata

Museum Kata Andrea Hirata. It is the first Literature Museum in Indonesia. Visitor can watch the memorabilia of Laskar Pelangi in here. Andrea Hirata even creates special short story that never been published but can only be read in this museum. There are hundreds of photos, with inspiring words on the wall created by Andrea Hirata in this Museum. On the back side of Museum, visitor can find a special corner called Kupi Kuli corner. This corner is a simple coffee shop, represent the real place on how the tin mining labour way of living as the main background of the Laskar Pelangi story.


Kampung Dedaun

A really nice lunch at Kampung Dedaun Restaurant. The Gangan (Belitung’s special aromatic fish soup, cooked with pineapple) in this restaurant is the yummiest! The squid calamari is also very good. Fresh and delicious!


Es Jeruk Kunci ( local lime juice). They are very good and refreshing!

Es Jeruk Kunci ( local lime juice). They are very good and refreshing!

Under Water

Under Water, photo was taken by Bianca.


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