komaneka @monkey forest.

the soul of bali. at the heart of ubud.

we spent a couple of nights at this gorgeous hotel, and this is what i get:

what else can we do there?

i can get free cookies and tea in the afternoon.
– i can walk or ride a motorbike to go to pasar ubud. thousands of interesting stuff there. and if you have a skill of bargaining, they’re cheap.
– i can call the hotel and ask them to bring our breakfast to our villa so i can enjoy them while watching the children playing in our cute little pool. with no extra charge.
– i can spend hours in a beautiful hanging pool and practice my swimming skill
– i can call the hotel’s restaurant at 4.30 am (yes, that early!), and ask the cook to prepare some rice, omelet and sausage for my hungry boy.
– i can go to monkey forest, and take these pictures 😀

so, with that much pleasure we got, we’re definetely coming back 😉


6 thoughts on “komaneka @monkey forest.

  1. Mbak Lesca seruuuu banget liburannya ya… kayaknya hotelnya kids friendly bgt deh…

    Mukanya anak2 juga pada happy2 semua…. mamanya juga pasti happy kalo anak2 happy ya…

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